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Our thoughts on the death sentence
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This past week Marcus Wellons was put to death for the 1989 murder and rape of a 15-year-old girl.
He was put to death in a more humane way than the 15-year-old young person he murdered. He was given this humane type of ending to his life; the young girl was not.
We support the death penalty and we disagree with the minority of individuals across the nation who gathers at these events to protest the inhumanity of such things.
We do believe, though, that if a person commits atrocities against another person, especially a defenseless young person, and is found guilty by a jury of his or her peers, penalties such as the death penalty should be administered quickly. To allow someone to linger 25 years before justice is done is inhumane.
We see no reason why a person’s punishment can’t be carried out within a year’s time if a person is found guilty of a death penalty crime.