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Our thoughts on recent local news items
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The Covington City Council voted this past week to add a code officer to its staff. The city currently has only one officer.

We agree with this decision. The city has some strong codes that deal with things like too many cars in driveways, illegal use of signs, poor conditions of property, etc. When you pass such codes and rules, they need to be enforced.
We hope that when the new officer is hired, they will hit the pavement at full speed. Not only are we looking for a quick start, but we hope that the council and courts fully support both officers’ actions and efforts to keep our city green and clean.

In another action from Monday night’s meeting, the council voted 4-3 to not allow a cell tower that would improve service for AT&T and T-Mobile customers to be built on Monticello Road.

We wonder if the tower was going to be built elsewhere, if the vote would not have gone the other way.

It was nothing less than shameful for the low turnout during the recent runoff election, and when things don’t go right we are sure that some of the same people who did not vote will be the loudest complainers.

In the Georgia House District 112 race Morgan county resident Dave Belton won the seat formerly held by Doug Holt.

Belton was supported by many of the old time Republicans in the Newton County.

His election insured that Newton County will not have one person who lives in the county representing it.

We currently have two federal congressman, two state senators and two state representatives representing us. If we were to hold a quiz we doubt that many of you would even know their names, much less know what they look like.

Dave Belton has promised that he won’t be a stranger to his constituents here in Newton County; we take him at his word and look forward to him being our representative.