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Our thoughts... Congratulations Ms. Sheets
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Judges had a tough decision to make this year in selecting the Newton County Teacher of the Year.

We feel that this year's winner, Melanie Sheets - a fourth grade teacher at Heard-Mixon Elementary School - is truly an example of what a community and parents want their teachers to be.

One of Sheets' students, 10-year-old Robert Thompson, told reporter Amber Pittman what a great teacher she is - out of the mouth of babes comes a great testimony of her skills.

Heard-Mixon Principal Lee Peck said he was so proud that he was at a loss for words; when you make your boss speechless, you must be good. Later he said, Ms. Sheets teaches from her heart.

As far as we are concerned, that statement says it all.

Our most precious commodity is our children. We are grateful that we have teachers like Melanie Sheets and the other 22 school TOTYs, who have heart, dedication and the spirit to lead them to the brightest future possible.