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Our thoughts... Clearing the roads
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It took most of a week, but the snow is long gone, the ice is almost melted and the roadways finally cleared.

Life is back to normal.

Now, it’s time to assess how state and local crews handled the mess on the roads.

Judging from what we’ve seen, they did a decent job of opening up the major highways in Covington and Newton County.

The most obvious signs of success are that police reported few problems, as most drivers stayed home, and wrecker services and body repair shops haven’t been overwhelmed with straightening out damages from fender-benders. There were some problem spots, but that was to be expected.

Thanks to all the folks who worked long hours to open our roadways. We appreciate your efforts in dealing with an overwhelming mess.

And it was a mess, the most ice in decades.

The crews did the best they could with what they have.

After all, this is Covington, not Cleveland. There’s little need here most years for snow-removal equipment and supplies, so governments have made few investments in major snow-removal equipment.

The city of Covington said it is considering buying a salt spreader to help deal with future storms, which sounds like a good idea right now after we’ve all been slipping and sliding along.

We’re glad that the city is planning ahead and considering its options, but that’s probably a purchase better considered a few months down the road. Let’s wait until the warmth of spring and the perspective of time allows for a more rational thought process regarding a major expenditure.