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Our Thoughts: Celebrate, travel, barbecue remember
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This week has been a busy one for Newton County.

There was primary election featuring a turnout well below what we had four years ago and somewhat unexpected results; high school graduations everywhere you looked; government budget meetings; a full court docket; a ribbon cutting for a new business; the last concert on the square for this season and the last day of school for many.

With all that behind us, this weekend brings a new chapter — the unofficial start of summer.

Whether you are a newly elected official, a new graduate or an employee punching the clock, this is one of those three day weekends we all look forward to.

We plan barbecues and open the pool up for friends, neighbors and family. We seek out sales and deals. We fly flags and wear our most patriotic shirts. And we look forward to a few months of warmth, being outside, enjoying watermelon, fresh tomato sandwiches and watching baseball.

Amidst the festivities and the joy, though, let us take a moment and pause and remember what this weekend really is about.

This is a time of reflection for those that have served this country and this community. Memorial Day is about remembering.

Remembering those who have served this country and this community. Remembering those who have lost their lives protecting the values we hold dear. Remembering those who do what is called of them, through draft in years past, through choice today, across oceans, in foreign lands, even on our own soil.

Without those that we need to remember and honor during Memorial Day, we wouldn’t have all the rights and freedoms to do the things that we enjoy this weekend.

Without those that gave their lives for America against the British, we wouldn’t have had a primary election, we wouldn’t have been able to witness our government deciding what to do with our tax dollars and we wouldn’t have had judges presiding over those who are innocent until proven guilty.

Without those who gave their lives when they were called to do so in world wars and fights on soil foreign and domestic, our young students wouldn’t have had as much to celebrate as they crossed the stage to a new chapter in their lives and a future full of further education and career opportunities.

Sure we celebrate this weekend. But we need to remember and honor why we celebrate and how we can do so, not just every first Monday in May but any day we enjoy life and liberty and pursue happiness.

We at The Covington News honor and remember our service men and women, current and past, those who have passed on and those still with us. We ask our community to do the same.

We are offering a photo essay contest for Memorial Day photo submissions. Please send in your Memorial Day photo — whether it be a patriotic-themed barbecue, a visit to a gravesite or a toast to a fallen friend. We want to know how our community remembers.

We often focus on the news at hand. It is, after all, our job. But for today, for this weekend, and for the week to come, we would like to pause in this space and simply say…

Thank You.