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Our thoughts: Be fair and impartial
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There was an unfortunate incident in our community last week where a man for reasons unknown at this time was seen in a quiet community wielding a sword of some type, harassing passing cars and trash cans.

The police were called and, again for reasons at this time we or anyone who has seen the story fully know, the 10-year veteran CPD officer was forced to shoot, and almost kill the man, instead of using another weapon like a Taser.

There has been speculation by many that this was the use of undue force on a man who apparently was under some kind of mental distress.

After the incident the officer was placed on administrative leave and the GBI was brought into to investigate the incident.
We have nothing but the greatest respect for our police officers who every day have to face similar situations. Every day they have to make snap decisions on protecting our community, not knowing if the person they are dealing with is about to cause them bodily harm.

Our suggestion is this: Before you make a decision on whether this officer made the right decision, wait until the GBI finishes the investigation; we feel that investigation will be fair and impartial.