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Our thoughts... Around the corner
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There is no question that this has been a tough winter here in Newton County and Social Circle.

 It has rained almost more than we can handle; some of our neighbors have had property destroyed because of flooding and wind.

 We will never bemoan the fact there has been too much rain because we wouldn’t want the Good Lord to take a pause from all his duties and stop our rain again, but we do reserve the right to moan and groan about the gloominess of it all.

 It has been proven that the weather does affect people’s moods and we know that is true because we have dealt with some very sour moods during the past few months.

 This weekend has been a welcome change as the weather forecasters are calling for 70 degree weather today.

 It’s great to see people with that extra pep in their steps and a bigger smile on their faces. This weekend is just a precursor on what is ahead for us — a beautiful Georgia spring, filled with the breath taking sights and smells of dogwoods, cherry blossoms and lush green fields.

 So, today enjoy what God has created and join with us in being thankful that we live in pleasant, charming Newton County.