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Our Thoughts... An American spirit
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The American spirit has carried us through revolution, civil war, world wars, depressions and national tragedies. Each and every time the grit of the American spirit comes through and says enough is enough.

A true example of this spirit, and a personal hero of ours, is local resident Raymond Mitchell. Mitchell was a decorated hero of World War II. He was a man who defended his country, survived the "Typhoon of Steel" at Peleliu and Okinawa, then came home and worked hard. After living through the hell he did in the Pacific Theatre and North China, this winter he was hit by a car while helping a neighbor and lost a leg.

Some people at age 85 would have given up on life, but Mitchell is still going strong. He still believes that this is a great country and that he lives in a special community.

If you missed Mitchell’s gripping story, you can read it on

We rest easy at night because we believe that when the chips are down, patriots like Raymond Mitchell will rise up and ensure that the place we call home will continue to be the strongest and fairest nation that mankind has ever known.