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Opportunity is knocking
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After a long wait and anxious anticipation, the time has finally come. It is what many have worked very hard towards. It is long overdue for some, a disappointment for others.

The first day of school.

A Democratic candidate for Chairman.

A new District 5 Commissioner.

Any one of these could be what you were thinking of. Because they all happened this week.

And they are all important to this community. One only needs to look at the headlines in this newspaper and national media to know this is true.

A mere 35 votes separated the two republican candidates for District 5 commissioner, and just 78 between the Democratic candidates for chair. Some might look at that and think that one candidate “outdid” the other. But the truth is, the difference was greater than those votes cast – it was the votes not cast. Unless you got out and voted in this primary run-off election, you have no room to complain when new elected officials take office. If you were not part of our electoral process, a process that many generations past fought hard to protect and to garner the right to participate in, then, frankly, you are part of the problem. 

As our children head back to school, the same can be said for our educational system. Each new school year, each new school day, is an opportunity to enrich the lives of our youth. And to support the educators and administrators that work with our youth. But they cannot do it alone. Some might say they do not currently having school-aged children. There are still opportunities – through serving at your church, through volunteering at after school programs. If you have tutored a student or volunteered in a school, you have, perhaps, room to complain about our schools’ performance. But most of us have not done those things. If you are not doing your best to help educate the children in your community, then, honestly, you are part of the problem.

As we are all part of the problem, we can all be part of the solution as well.

Our community is not defined by our governing leadership or our school system. It is defined by the people who are involved in these systems, the people who each day do the work that is required to ensure governance continues and education abounds. Our community is strengthened by our unsung, everyday heroes, not election results or test scores. Our community is defined by us.

We, at The Covington News, have been telling the story of this community for over 150 years. Yes, 150 years. Much has changed in that time, but much remains the same. Community is still people who live and strive together.  We urge you to remember the lessons of the past and take part in the future.

Because each day, each school year, each election, holds opportunity.