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Not so fast
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It's now more than apparent that the headlong rush by the Obama administration to push our country into socialism is in full swing and apparently unstoppable. The spending bills that have been approved and are in the works are just about ready to break the backs of the hard-working Americans and their families, who have struggled to keep this country afloat during the current economic crisis.

There is a point though where one can take presumed power and go too far with it. The Obama administration is at the threshold of that point as it recently revealed a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs for injuries and disabilities that veterans received during their service to their country. Insurance carriers do cover non-service injuries and mental illnesses for veterans now.

The Obama administration figures they would generate $540 million dollars that in turn could be used to help some people who have not lifted one finger to do anything for our country.

The absolute gall of the president to push for this measure is beyond the pale.

We have men and women around the world trying to protect us from every type of harm there is. We pay them practically nothing, we do not properly care for their families, we in some cases do not even provide them the proper equipment to do their jobs.

Yet, we expect them to be ready 24 hours a day, be loyal when their families are booted out of homes and struggling to sustain a normal life without a father or mother. In spite of this, Mr. President, you now want to forgive the government's responsibilities to care for a veteran, who in the service of his country, was wounded mentally or physically.

Mr. President, you should be ashamed. We all should be ashamed if we let you or our government do this to the protectors of our country and our way of life. What will be left of the America we know when you have had your four years of leadership?

Furthermore, to expect an ailing insurance industry to shoulder this burden and not be expected to raise not only veterans' rates, but each of our rates to the point that none of us will be able to stay insured, is preposterous.

The American Legion is fighting this measure. Their commander will be meeting with the president's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Thursday to urge him to have the administration change their mind.

You can call the American Legion's national office at (202) 263-2982 and ask for Craig Roberts. Let's support the American Legion and show the president and his administration that here in Newton County and Social Circle, we don't take kindly to the continued mistreatment of our servicemen and their families.