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Movie tax credits
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One bright, shining economic star in the heavens of the Georgia economy and especially here in Newton County is the growth of the movie industry.

This industry is generating millions of tax dollars and sustains Mom and Pop industries in every community in which they film.

One of the main reasons that the movie industry is filming here other than our beautiful state itself is because of tax credits. That’s quite the opposite of the situation in the industry’s home state of California.

Now we have some dim-witted bureaucrats who serve on the Special Council on Tax Reform suggesting that tax credits be taken away from the industry.

If that happens, we guarantee that the movie industry will move to North Carolina or some other Southern state that’s ready and willing to give the tax credits needed to attract the revenue that comes with their presence.

Recently Chamber President Hunter Hall and Tourism Director Clara Deemer addressed assembled state officials on the value of the movie industry to our community.

We support their efforts without hesitation.

If the legislators vote to follow the tax reform groups recommendation, they will have done our state and our community a great disservice.