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Mayoral Race
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This newspaper was surprised that after the dust settled only two people decided to run for the office of mayor of the city of Covington.

The city is at a critical leadership point, as it transitions from Steve Horton's able management to a yet-to-be-found new city manager. The City Council is fraught with dysfunction and seems to enjoy settling scores more than planning for the future. If there was ever a time that Covington needed honest, strong leadership in its top elected official for the next four years, it is now.

While the position of mayor has little or no official power under our current political structure, the mayor does set the tone for the agenda and is the face for the city.

The electorate of the city of Covington will have to choose between two contrasting candidates. Ronnie Johnston a newcomer - both to the political arena and the area; and Bobby Sigman - a longtime local realtor and politician that has both state, house and local council experience.

This newspaper will run stories featuring not only Covington candidates but all candidates' backgrounds and former political history, if applicable.

To help you make a decision, the Covington News and the local chamber will team up to hold a Mayoral Debate on Oct. 25. There will be more details released later. If you have any questions, you would like to see answered, send an email to our editorial board in care of

Let's hope in the end that the most able leader is chosen and that our city will continue down the road of prosperity.