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Lies and more lies
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It’s no wonder that a majority of the American people think that our legislators, and the people they appoint to run commissions and the like, are morally deficit in the art of telling the truth.

Believe it or not, that’s even true in Georgia.

When it was announced that the Atlanta Falcons were going to build a new stadium, there was a big hoopla about the state spending our tax money to help build it.

At that time we were assured that wasn’t the case.

In a story in the AJC on Friday, it was reported the state was going to spend a potential of $33.3 million of our tax money to help a billionaire have his way.

We love the Falcons as much as anybody but there comes a point that having a professional team is not worth the cost.

Officials are already defending this expenditure by telling us that the cost will be repaid by added benefits.

Our question, who is it that is going to receive the added benefits.

We would rather see $33.3 million dollars to go fixing the state’s infrastructure. Now that would benefit all of us.