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Lack of honor
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There was a time in our country when honor was important, but as fans of the University of Arkansas continue to support Bobby Petrino in the wake of a recent scandal, we're questioning whether honor means much of anything anymore.

We've disagreed with our leaders previously, but, in most cases, they earned our respect because of their honesty, fortitude and determination.

This was particularly true in sports. The senior member of our editorial staff remembers coaching a North Carolina recreation girls' basketball team in the 1970's.

Our senior member and the assistant recreation director, who are both men, loaded up eight young ladies in the recreation van and drove across the state with no concern or hesitation from any parent.
Today, that trust is gone and it may be because a win-at-any-cost attitude now reigns.

Petrino, who at one time coached the Atlanta Falcons and left under a cloud of distrust, has run into more trouble. He was injured in a serious motorcycle accident April 1 that also involved a 25-year-old female assistant.

Petrino admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with Dorrell, but only after he was caught in his initial lie.

Petrino has been placed on administrative leave by the Arkansas' athletic director.

In our opinion, he should be fired and never allowed the chance to be in a position to influence another young person's life because he's proven he can't be trusted.

Petrino's football program means millions to the University of Arkansas and he wins games, and, as a result, thousands of Arkansas fans have come out in support of this man in spite of his lies and affair all for the sake of victory.

It's disgraceful. Sure, young people need to be taught how to win; that's how our country has become the envy of the world. But they should not be taught to win at any cost, and above all they should not be taught to lie.

Bobby Petrino is not a hero. He is a disgrace not only to himself and his family, but to every young person he has ever convinced to follow his principles.