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Keeping the arts alive
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 We think that a dedication to the arts is a dynamic plus for a community like ours; supporting programs that support the arts is essential to keeping our culture alive and vibrant for future generations of the families of Newton County.

 The Arts Association in Newton County, under the direction of Buncie Hay Lanners, has strived to bring outside entertainment to our community for years.

 The best thing they have accomplished, in our opinion, is the development of programs for the children of our community.

 These programs have not only provided extracurricular activities for our youth, but also helped them gain confidence, friends and discipline.

 In years past, gracious community donors, who feel like we do about the arts, have generously supported this valuable organization.

 Unfortunately, these are tough economic times, from which everyone is feeling pinched.

 Nonprofits in our community, no matter how worthwhile, are finding their donations either decreased or cut out completely.

 The Arts Association knows this all too well.

 In order to ensure that the encouragement and promotion of arts in Newton County does not just dry up and go away, Lanners and her group have decided to take what funds they have this year and use them to keep their children’s programs alive. We are sorry that we will not see outside programs brought in this year, but we think the decision to keep the children’s programs thriving is the wise thing to do.

 We applaud the efforts of Buncie Hay Lanners, her staff and volunteers for helping keep the arts alive in Newton County through our children.

 This decision will benefit all of us.