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In case of emergency
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This weekend we had our first snowstorm of the season; if we are lucky it will be our last.

While it lasted, it was a beautiful sight, but by sunset Saturday most of the winter snow had disappeared.

We are fortunate here in the South to have seasons. The beauty each one brings is difficult to describe in this small space.

Our winter temperatures are probably not over ,and in spite of its beauty precautions need to be taken in this season.

All residents should stock enough water and non-perishable food items for a few days. If you have medical needs, you should make sure you have backup supplies you would need to survive an emergency.

During this last storm, many residents abused the 911 system. That number is not to be used because you are snowed in or need information; that number is used when someone's live is in peril.

If you called 911 for any reason other than a true life-threatening emergency this past weekend, shame on you for wasting precious resources.

Perhaps our elected officials should consider attaching a major fine to anyone who uses 911 for anything less than a real emergency.

Hurting someone's pocketbook may save some one else's life.