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These old buildings do not belong to us only, they belong to our forefathers and they will belong to our descendants unless we play them false. They are not in any sense our own property to do with as we like with them. We are only trustees for those that come after us.
~ William Morris

We're pleased to see progress on the restoration of the historic Brick Store building, as county officials voted this week to spend $189,000 of a previously-received $250,000 state grant.

The Brick Store is one of the county's oldest surviving buildings, dating back to 1821, and is a remarkable link to our county's past, as the brick building served as a post office, general store, major stagecoach stop and the county's first courthouse.

We're sure many passers-through and residents alike have wondered about the now-unique building as they drove past.

In the coming years, they won't have to wonder any longer as plans call for the building to be turned into a museum, focusing in particular on the popular stagecoach-stop history of the spot.

We hope that the museum plans might be flexible enough to allow the building to also become a meeting place once again for use by community organizations.

The past and progress are often at odds, but buildings like Brick Store provide a chance to promote both, as a piece of history is preserved, while tourism and education are promoted.

We applaud local leaders for choosing against bulldozing a part of our heritage that recalls the sweat and tears our forefathers shed when they laid the groundwork for our future.