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There's nothing more devastating for a family than to come face-to-face with a major, life-threatening illness.
And there's nothing more rewarding than to see how families, friends and whole communities will come together and help out those in need.

That's happening here in Covington as both blood relatives and faith families, along with friends and just folks in the community, rally around two men in need of liver transplants.

Ray Donald and Bill Hardy are trying to raise money so they can pay for the procedures, which can cost $400,000.
Afterwards, they face paying up to $3,500 a month for medications.

They are fortunate to have a lot of friends and family rallying around them, including their faith family at Grace Baptist Church. A series of fundraisers have already been staged in their behalf, including a yard sale on Saturday at the church.

You can read about the men and see a video about their efforts at

Such efforts exemplify the best of Newton County. Even in the toughest of times, its citizens are there to help out their neighbors in need.

You gotta love it, and we do. We are fortunate to live in such a loving, caring community.

Donald and Hardy face tough times and health complications, but they are fortunate to have so many boosters in their corner.

They are in our prayers and we wish them well in the fundraising.