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Have we learned?
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Have we learned?

There’s something that our elected leaders should have learned from the great depression of 2008 through the present, which slowed the rapid development that was occurring in our county to a trickle.

It is simply this: When the economy improves and development begins to return, developers who want to build homes must be held responsible for putting in all the major improvements that are necessary before they build the first house.

In the past, developments were built on promises that were not fulfilled. The burden of providing the improvements fell on Newton County taxpayers, not on those who were buying homes in a particular development.

In the Western United States, developments are not even started until roads, parks and schools, if necessary, are in place.

We think the Planning Commission of Covington gets it, as it voted last week not to allow any more homes in the Wildwood subdivision until a second access road is built by the developer.

There are signs that the developer is planning to put in a second road.

But if he does not, we hope the city council will back the planning commission on its firm stand.