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With the shootings in Newtown, Conn., along with other tragedies throughout the country in recent months, the possibility of some type of gun control, and concern over such legislation seems at an all-time high.

That concern is more than evident in our own county.

Our Founding Fathers guaranteed us the right to bear arms, but we are not guaranteed the right to be careless with the guns we own.

Recently Sheriff Ezell Brown visited with the commissioners and proposed that an ordinance be passed restricting the use of firearms within 350 yards of a residence, place of business, church or roadway.

The current ordinance, which has been in effect since 2006, allows individuals to be able to discharge within 100 yards of a residence.

The sheriff’s point is that since 2006, the population of our county has doubled.

We don’t see that the sheriff’s request in any way infringes on a person’s right to own a gun — it makes good sense to have an ordinance that stops the discharge of a weapon in less than 350 yards of a populated area.

We don’t care how careful of a hunter or target shooter you are — accidents can happen and the accidental death of anyone in such close quarters would be shameful.

The only exception to an ordinance like this would be that a gun can be fired in protecting the property or life of the gun owner.