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Grave desecration a disgrace
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In Wednesday’s paper we published a letter to the editor from Linda Bruce. In the letter she described the hurt she and her family felt as they have discovered that the Georgia Bulldog flags they had left at the grave site of her father had been stolen. The family also has seen their special arrangements destroyed.

We sympathize with Ms. Bruce. We don’t understand the callousness of a person or persons who would steal or destroy a special memorial left at a lonely grave site.

Most understand that such honors are meant to comfort the deceased‘s living loved ones. That is why it hurts so much. Their loved one has been taken from them and the theft of memorials is a cruel analogy of their larger loss.

We have heard of other cases in our community where people have taken special birthday and holiday memorials off the graves of loved ones.

To us, this is about as low as one can get.

We cannot understand why someone would do such a thing unless there was some kind of vendetta against the deceased. If that is the case, the deceased is not the one being hurt — it’s the deceased loved ones who suffer.

We know in the past professional grave robbing was a career; these folks were looking for treasures or stealing bodies for medical colleges. In our modern times this is not done very often and if it is generally punk teenagers are the perpetrators.

Stealing trinkets and memories off someone’s grave is intolerable and hurtful. Anybody doing this has no shame.

Ms. Bruce stated in her letter that whoever was taking the flags from her father’s grave might not ever be caught, but she believes that that person or persons will pay the ultimate price in the end. She believes her Daddy will be there to get his flags back in the afterlife, and we agree with her special thoughts.