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Graduation guidance
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This is a happy time of year for our young people - it's almost time for that summer break.

It is also the time for the adults of the community to be ever so vigilant. Drivers watch our little ones as they exit from busses; their minds are not going to be on watching for you.

Parents, if you have children who are graduating, now is not the time to loosen any controls. Being a graduating senior does not mean your child has been elevated into maturity.

Remember back to when you graduated. This is the time for gaiety and joy; this is also the time for parties that sometimes get out of hand.

Talk with your teenager about the use of designated drivers or plan parties for your teenager and their friends that are fun and do not include drinking.

We do not want to lose any of our young people in accidents caused by being careless.

May should be a happy time for all of us as we watch our future begin to flap their wings; let's not let tragedy dampen that spirit.