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Good Samaritan, bad dad
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Last week in this space we editorialized about the dangers of leaving children in locked cars, especially in the middle of the Georgia summer.

In Friday's paper there was a story of another incident of this kind in our own community.

Last Tuesday afternoon, a good Samaritan approached an officer from the Covington Police Department with a young child in his arms. The child was flushed, lethargic and sweating profusely.

Our good Samaritan had noticed the child in a van with the windows only cracked slightly in the Kroger parking lot on U.S. Highway 278.

After a registration check on the van, it was identified as belonging to the wife of Ran Justin Norman, 30, who after being paged by Kroger personnel, told police that he had run in the store to see his wife and had forgotten that he had left his child in the van.

The wife, who was supposed to be in the store, later arrived at the store, walking from a doctor's office on Elm Street.

Emotional, she told police her husband was on medications.
Our question to her is why would you as a mother let your child be under the supervisions of anyone, including your spouse, who was on strong medication and did not even have a valid driver's license?

Ran Norman was arrested and charged with obstruction and cruelty to children.

We are going to remind you again, please do not in this heat leave your children or your pets in cars while running your errands.

As far as Ran Norman goes, if he is found guilty of doing this to his child, we hope he receives the full punishment allowed by law.