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Good for positive growth
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We are anxious to see what good work the newly established Covington Redevelopment Authority will accomplish in its formative years.

The goals of the CRA are lofty, but we think if even one of them can be accomplished within the next few years, it will be a great success and make the city even more enjoyable and accommodating. We're not quite sure where to locate a downtown farmer's market or grocery, but we wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised.

We are glad the CRA has decided to focus on the area of affordable housing for seniors. In today's world of escalating health care and fuel and food costs, it is important for seniors to have housing options that don't completely drain their monthly fixed incomes or retirement savings they worked for years to accumulate.

Certain "blighted" areas of the city were once jewels of the town and we would like them to be returned to their former glory. If Covington improves business variety, offers affordable housing options and maintains its aesthetic appeal, then the whole of Newton County becomes even more attractive to potential business owners and residents.

This authority has the power and its board members have the savvy to accomplish really positive growth; we will be praying for the board members to make wise decisions for the good of all Covington residents because what's good for Covington is good for Newton County.