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Gone with the wind
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During the last few months, we have on many occasions heard of the surplus the city of Covington currently has.

We salute the efforts and leadership of past councils as well as the current administration, and City Manager Steve Horton and his staff on their efforts in fostering this surplus.

We also know our county government and school system ended in the black this year because of good leadership.

Today, both our county government and school system are laying people off and cutting back services.

One only needs to drive a short distance around our city and county to see the empty houses and count the foreclosure signs - make sure you bring a calculator if you do.

The housing crisis coupled with the recent closing of some large and small local businesses, has caused a catastrophic tax loss to these government entities.

Our advice to the Covington City Council is not be so cavalier about our current surplus. Before you know it, it could disappear.