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Gas tax
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Last Wednesday we ran an editorial concerning the state gas tax that will go up 5 cents this Sunday.

In the editorial we said that the state of Georgia because of the system that is used to calculate these things will impose a 2.8 cent tax on Georgia motorists effective this Sunday. That part is correct, but the fact is our gas taxes in Newton County will rise 4.9 cents because Newton County will also be the benefit of a 2.1 cent tax increase on gas.

In the same editorial we urged you to contact your legislators and the governor to stop this raise in the state gas tax from happening.

We gave the governor too much credit.

He can't stop the tax from happening, but he could, if he wished, order the tax not to be collected, and the legislature would then need to vote to back up the governor's order.

The governor has said this week that he intends the additional tax to be implemented. We owe this bit of information to local government expert Jim Tudor, whose column runs on this page today.

Because of this editorial and at the request of a reader, you can now find a complete list of all our legislators, including their contact numbers, on our website