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Flag Day
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There is no better way to show your love of country and heritage than to proudly fly the American flag.
It's a magnificent symbol of our country, bold, bright and beautiful, and a powerful statement of what you stand for.

There's no better time than now to fly our flag, as Tuesday is officially celebrated as Flag Day. You can see a sampling of flag displays around Newton County on Page 8A.

We also have a contest going where you can win a month's subscription to The Covington News if you can idenfity where the flags are flying.

Flag Day began in 1916 with a proclamation from President Woodrow Wilson that set June 14 as National Flag Day.
In 1949 that proclamation was made official by an act of Congress.

It would be a very special act of patriotism if each and every one of us took the time to display our flag this week.
Do so in tribute to all those patriots who went before us, who gave their lives to protect and honor our flag.

And fly that flag in honor of those who serve us now, who have dedicated themselves to our country and are putting lives on the line for us in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you don't have a flag already, you can go to almost any store in our area that sells food or hardware and pick one up.

Please, take a few minutes this week and raise your flag.

Just remember as you do to say a little prayer for the freedoms that you enjoy living under that glorious banner that forever more will wave.