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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…”
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s address at his first inauguration.

If you’re reading this, you woke up yesterday to find that the world as we know it did not end and the sky has not fallen.

During the last month, we have been constantly reminded that because of the forced budget cuts that took place late Friday, major calamity was set to befall everyone in the country.

The president of the United States has spent countless hours flying around the country, at taxpayer’s expense, to preach a message of doom and gloom in an effort to rally the public’s support behind his stance.

The sad part is that Obama and his administration, according to noted government writer and expert Bob Woodward, created this mess to begin with, though granted, they basically had the blessings of the current, ineffective Republican leadership.

In this country, we are used to having our presidents be positive leaders in times of crisis. President Obama and some of his rabid followers, who believe he is above everything, fancy the president as a reincarnate of great presidents of the past such as Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, who through their positive approaches to crises guided our country through the most perilous of times.

Mr. Obama, let’s make no mistake that you are no Lincoln or Roosevelt. You might succeed in being more like them if you would be a leader who looks the American people in the eye and tells them the truth instead of fabricated spin.
It would also be helpful if you presented an agenda that was beneficial for the majority of the country and not your own self-interests.