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Fair warning
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There is a Letter to the Editor that you need to read and follow its advice.

We have had a series of bad storms and the weather experts are telling us that we are in for more of the same.

Several areas of our community have been affected by the storms.

It seems a shame that in times of peril and destruction there are always slimy people who surface to try to take advantage of our misfortunes.

It's bad enough to suffer some destruction to your property or health by Mother Nature, but it's even worse to be taken advantage of by crooks.

We ask you, no we beg you, that if you have some type of storm damage in need of repair, that you contact local officials and check out the credentials of handymen and contractors before you hire them on for the work. A good, honest contractor or handyman will encourage you to do so.

Do not give people money until your job is completed. If someone asks for the money up front, send them packing.

Watch out for your elderly neighbors, too. Help them find the fair and honest contractors. There are plenty of those in our community.