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Ethics fall short
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Both the Georgia House and Senate had a great opportunity to clean up how business is done under the Gold Dome this session and in three cases it looks like our elected officials have shown little or no interest in doing so. Senate Bill 458, House Bill 798 and HB 1105 concern lobbyist's gifts to our elected officials. Some of the gifts include paid trips to attend special conferences, lunches and dinners and admittance to expensive, private get-togethers around the state and country and even oversees.

On any day you visit the capital you will spot free food and special gifts placed on you legislator's desk. We accept the fact that this type of lobbying dates to the beginning of our Republic, but it doesn't mean it has to continue. Both legislative bodies of our legislature should have the courage and fortitude to ban these types of gifts. Sadly this term, that type of leadership is lacking.

It's interesting to see that in general, legislators can take great pride in governing your personal ethics. But for some reason, they can't control their own ethics.