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Entrepreneurial spirit
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On the front page of Sunday's paper there was a story about how some local people, who were having a hard time making ends meet, struck out on a bold new venture - we call it entrepreneurism.

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Entrepreneurism is how this country was built. To have your own business takes courage, determination and a special pride in your abilities to be the best you can be.

Elaine Powell started a restaurant. Jocelyn Reid owned two restaurants that did not make it, and she is learning from that experience and starting a catering service. The Rev. Warren Williams has opened up a Christian variety store.

Nobody gave these folks a bankroll and said, "here, start a business." They did so because they have a desire to follow a dream to make things better for themselves and they are not counting on a government handout to accomplish their dream.

We admire these three and every other person who is not taking the misfortune of today's economy lying down.

We rest easier knowing that the spirit that built this country is alive and well in Newton County.