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After the long, hot summer we've had, the cooler fall temperatures we've had for the past few weeks have been a blessing. Nicest of all, we haven't had to run our air conditioners nearly as much.

However, winter will soon be upon us, which means we'll need to crank up the heat - and our bills will go back up. Fortunately, for Covington residents who own a home or small business, we have some good news.

The city has $116,501 available to help residents purchase Energy Star rated products, such as heating and air units, hot water heaters and electric blankets.
In addition, the city has more than $150,000 available for on-bill financing, with as much as $5,000 available per family.

For the full list of potential savings, see the story on

We're delighted to see the city reaching out to help its citizens during these trying economic times, and it's nice to know they'll help keep residents affordably warm once the temperatures drop.