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Earmarks and wolves
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This week President Barack Obama signed a massive $410 billion Omnibus spending bill.
This bill contained millions of dollars worth of wasteful earmarks - 8,000-plus earmarks to be exact.

President Obama ran on a platform of change, which included trying to stop this wasteful and indiscriminate spending.

He had opportunity to veto this bill, even if it caused government, in fact, to shut down. We are sure that the two-headed wolves, who are currently in charge of our representative sheep, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would have made sure that some cuts were made.

The president chose not to veto this bill, but he did give a lecture on how this bill was bad and should not have been passed.

He also said the earmarks would be acceptable if they, "were useful and for a worthy public purpose."

Well, Mr. President, our question is this, who is going to make that call - the same wolves that slammed this $410 billion spending bill down the throats of the American taxpayer?

Right, and we still believe there is a tooth fairy. Apparently Mr. Obama does too.

Mr. President, you offered us change, but unfortunately it's the same old thing that's existed in Washington, D.C., over the last two-and-a-half years. That's when the wolves became a majority.