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Drive against gas tax
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What you pay at the pump for gas is going up again, and this time it's the state of Georgia's fault.

It seems that there's a system in place that raises the state tax on gasoline as its costs go up. For you, that means a 2.8-cent per gallon tax will be put in place on May 1.

In 2008 then Gov. Perdue used executive privilege to block that tax, saying that the states families were already struggling.

This time around it looks like Gov. Deal is not going to extend us the same courtesy.

We do not need a state-imposed tax increase to be tacked on to our already high gas rates.

We urge you to contact your legislators and the Governor's office and let them know that you do not want this tax placed on your gas and urge him to use his executive powers to stop it. Click here for a list of contact information.

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