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Double standard in spirituality
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The Roman Catholic Church has never wavered on beliefs about conception and the right to life. Pope Benedict XVI has made it very clear that the church does not condone the use of condoms in Africa or anywhere for that matter.

Harry Knox who serves as an adviser on President Obama's council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership said because of the Catholic Church's long standing doctrine, the Pope is hurting people in the name of Jesus.

For this statement alone Mr. Knox should be replaced on this advisory board, but so far the president has remained silent.

Knox is the not the first of Obama's advisers to make a derogatory remark about an established Christian church.

We doubt that if Knox had made a similar remark about a Muslim cleric, he would still be a presidential advisor.

Religions of all kind should be treated with respect in this country. We are tired of this administration feeling they can insult members of any Christian faith and not regret doing so.