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Crooks and change
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If you or a family member has ever not had enough money to pay your taxes and had to work out a payment plan, or received a letter from the IRS informing you that your taxes weren't figured correctly and you owed the government money - know there is no easy way to negotiate with the IRS.

No matter what plan you work out, you are going to pay a healthy penalty and a high rate of interest to pay this debt off. If you don't make your payments, the IRS has a division that is a kin to the Gestapo. They will come after you and your family, take your savings, seize your house and ruin your life for even the smallest amount of delinquency. They will do this without mercy and with a vengeance.

Everyone trembles when they receive a letter from the IRS, that is everyone but public officials.

Charles Rangel, a U.S. representative from New York and a man who helps write tax rules, did not pay taxes for years on property he owned outside of the country. After he was caught, he said he was sorry and would pay the back taxes, which do not include penalties and interest. Rangel remains a member of the House as a trusted Democratic leader and has received no official reprimand from his colleagues.

When you deceive a government agency, you are branded a crook. Mr. Rangel is a crook.

Our president has appointed another crook as one of his closet advisors.

Timothy Geithner, who is now our new Secretary of the Treasury and has oversight of the IRS, owed back taxes from 2001- taxes that were given to him to be paid to the government by his employer. Mr. Geithner blamed Turbo Tax, said he was sorry for deceiving the government and was confirmed as head of the agency he deceived.

We are concerned that a president, who won an election based on a promise that there would be positive change in government, would nominate people to be his trusted counselors who are by definition, crooks.

That seems like more of the same old government as usual policies that have existed for years, not the great change for which we have all hoped.