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There were two crime briefs that were in Wednesday’s edition of the paper that deserve mention.

One involves politics and it happens every time there is an election.

Ester Fleming, who is a candidate for State House District 112 reported that some of his campaign signs were missing.

Now to some this might seem like a mindless prank, but it is not.

Theft of someone’s property is against the law and any candidate that does this to another candidate or has knowledge that his supporters have practiced this art of thievery does not deserve to be elected to office.

We have enough dishonest politicians in government as it is.

There was another brief that told of a man who bought phony silver bars from a listing on Craigslist.

Our suggestion for any of you who use services such as Craigslist to find deals, is that if a deal looks so good that you can’t afford not to take advantage it, it probably is not real. Don’t exchange money with anyone unless you personally have the goods inspected, don’t let predators make a fool of you.