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We commend District attorney Layla Zon and Captain Philip Bradford with the Covington/Newton County Special Investigation Unit for their quick action in response to Governor Nathan Deals' speech on illegal gambling. On Thursday, they shut down one of the shops the Governor mentioned.

Covington Business Center, located at the Covington Corners shopping center, was ordered closed soon after the Governors speech.

In reading the charge it appears that the owners of the business were trying to run an internet scam of sorts.

It amazes us that people actually find these places and fall into the trap these type of people set.

With the ever-changing world of technology, we need to be ever watchful for people who come into our community and try their best to take advantage of the elderly and folks who have a hard time thinking for themselves.

We appreciate the fine work our law enforcement officials do for us on a daily basis. We are fortunate in having some the best in the state right here in Covington/Newton County.