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This week, it was reported that another unseen tax included with the Obama healthcare reform plan is going to cost companies millions of dollars in healthcare fees, and we're sure that this cost will be quickly passed on to employees.

As we are only days away from a major fiscal crisis, you would think our president would be trying everything in his power to come to an agreement on this crisis and to work towards correcting this added, unseen charge in his medical plan.

Instead, he was out this week in Michigan doing his best to interfere and create even further dissension on an issue, the right-to-work bill, that we believe is strictly a states' right issue.

In his speech to a crowd, which was pro-union, he said that the issue of collective bargaining was being used by the Michigan Republicans as a political tool.

The majority of voters in Michigan, despite of voting to re-elect Barack Obama, voted against a gambit by big labor (large organized labor unions) to put collective bargaining in the state constitution.

The Michigan legislature, a majority being conservative Republicans, took this as a message to pass laws that would make Michigan a right- to-work state.

The state of Michigan has every right to become a right-to-work state if they choose. The president needs to stay in Washington and take care of the business he was elected to take care of - the well-being of the whole country.