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Amen and thank you
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In Wednesday's paper we published a front page picture and story about the life of Mary Frances Hays Wofford, who turned 100 years old in April. If you missed it you can see it on

Reading the story of her life was like taking a step backward into history.

Her life story described how life was in our county in the good old days; it showed the grit and determination of our grandparents and parents.

It was the vision and work ethic of folks like Ms. Mary Frances that helped make our county one of the nicest in which to live in all of Georgia.

At 100 years old, her beautiful face shows a youthfulness that would put many people half her age to shame.

We would recommend that every parent make this story a must read for their youngster, especially when they complain that there is nothing to do this summer.

Ms. Mary Frances told us that she has lived a good life - all we can say to that is Amen and thank you for sharing your story.