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A nose for the news
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Before Fox News and other cable news stations, which today have overtaken the traditional news programs run by ABC, NBC and CBS, there was CNN.

CNN out of Atlanta set the pace for what TV news has become today.

It's hard to forget the on-the-ground coverage CNN provided during the first Gulf War. You could actually sit in your living room rocker and watch missiles hurdle into their targets.

One of the early pioneers of CNN news programming was Bob Furnad, a local resident, who became the president of CNN Headline News.

Bob was honored recently with the prestigious DiGamma Kappa Broadcasting Society's Distinguished Achievement Award in Broadcasting for his pioneering efforts in the industry.

After Bob retired from the news business, he did not stop working. He gives of his time now as the director of FaithWorks, which provides utility bill assistance to needy families in the county.

We congratulate Bob on his groundbreaking work and humanitarian spirit.