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A Newton County of the past or future?
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CPD involved in sword attack shooting

By: Bryan Fazio

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The Historic Courthouse was packed Tuesday night, but not everyone was there for the same reason. The stark contrast between the two issues—a civic center and a humiliating scandal—was a reminder that our county is poised for greatness, but only if it can rid itself of its toxic political culture.

While not everyone agrees that putting $5 million towards a civic center at this time is the best use of funds, no one can argue that the young families who turned out in force to support the project represent the hope for this county’s future.

What must those young families, many of them African American, have thought upon seeing signs referencing Commission John Douglas’ deplorable comment about a ‘street walker knee grow’? Perhaps Tuesday was the night they had to have that conversation with their children, to explain to them that despite all our apparent progress, the racism and misogyny of the past lie just beneath the surface. John Douglas is responsible for that lesson.

The message Tuesday was clear: the vast majority of speakers, and at least one other commissioner, called on Douglas to resign.

Since we know that he will not, we ask the community to put themselves in the shoes of businesses and young professionals who may be looking to move here. The economy is picking back up. The housing market is picking back up, finally. Is this a Newton County of the past or future?