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A new era
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 As you read this Wednesday morning, the day after a very long election season, we should have a new president — so you are either crying in your coffee or spilling it with trembling hands of joy.

 This has been the most interesting election we have seen in, at least, our lifetime.

 We have watched in wonder at the patience most people have shown. Some of these folks have stood in lines for hours, some even in the elements. We have watched people both young and old vote, those who have never voted before.

 On Tuesday we voted at our precinct, we waited about an hour and we watched with amazement as people — young and old, black and white, parents with small children — actually smiling and talking and willing and determined to give up their time in order to cast their vote.

 In past elections we have been in and out of voting places in less than ten minutes, complaining all the time about how long it took to vote.

 The truth of the matter is that standing with our fellow citizens in line this week was a pleasure. It gave us hope and encouragement that we as citizens still do have a spark of pride and life in us and we are willing to pay the price and take the time to vote for the future of our country.

 We can only ask that God bless our new president and local elected officials.