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A nation of laws
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"Property has its duties as well as its rights." -- –Thomas Drummond

Last week, we saw an example of the law working: Municipal Judge Steven Hathorn finally had enough of Jack L. Moser Sr.’s defiance and refusal to keep up his property.

For years, Moser, who owns the property and a former home at 6110 Sorrels St. in Covington, had defied court order after court order to improve the condition of his home and property.

It is sad that Moser’s home was torn down, but we are still considered by many in this country to be a nation of laws, and Moser was given chance after chance to comply with the court orders and improve the condition of his property. He chose not to take that path.

We are sure his long-suffering neighbors are celebrating today the fact that Moser and his house are no longer menaces to their community. We also, however, feel sad for a person such as Moser, who somewhere along the road of life veered off in a different direction.

Moser still owns his property, but the tax liens are valued at more than his property is worth.

Whether they live in city neighborhoods, county subdivisions or out in the country, people should not have to endure the idiosyncrasies of neighbors who choose to live like Moser. That’s one reason we run an Eyesore of the Week in our Sunday newspaper, in the hope that some public embarrassment will spur cleanup efforts.

We hope that, as we go forward, Newton County residents will not have to endure decades of having their communities trashed by people who are either incapable or just unwilling to consider the well-being and peace of their neighbors.