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A helping holiday hand
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As Black Friday continues its takeover of Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that's traditionally been one of overeating and relaxation (at least for the non-cooks) is finding itself overrun by hustle and bustle.

While that's not necessarily the worst thing (especially for us overeaters), it probably makes us more likely to skip over the meaning of Thanksgiving altogether.

In the mad dash for ever better things to be thankful for, we not only lose sight of what we already have to be thankful for, but also what others are missing in their lives.

If you're looking for new Thanksgiving traditions, consider stopping by the Newton County Theme School at Fiquett on Wednesday or Thursday to help prepare or serve meals to those without family or without the money to prepare a meal for themselves.
There's nothing wrong with snagging some great bargains and getting a heads up on Christmas shopping, especially if you find the opportunity to make new memories with family and friends along for the ride. However, in the search for more, don't lose sight of those with less.

Those here at The News, who don't make it home to see their family for the holiday, often have no shortage of offers from locals for a home-cooked meal and family gathering. We commend those of you who extend a hand of friendship to your neighbors. Holidays are about family, but there's nothing wrong with growing that family for a day.

By ensuring someone else gets to enjoy their holiday, we hope you'll find your own joy increased. We here at The News give thanks to all of you who see a neighbor in need and reach out your hand to help. Happy Thanksgiving.