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A fresh start
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This past Friday the editorial board met with incoming Newton County School System superintendent Dr. Gary Mathews in an informal, off-the-record setting to get to know each other on a more personal level.

The board left the initial meeting feeling that Newton County's new superintendent is quite capable and will be very transparent both with the public and the press. If our meeting is any predictor of the future conversations and actions, he will be direct and to the point.

We feel that having him in our community opens up the possibility of positive change for the district, and it gives us a chance to introduce new ideas and programs that have been successful in other communities.

It is imperative that Newton County's school district provides its students with the very best and gains both a reputation in the state as well as the nation of a shining example of excellence in education both public and private. Stopping short of this will burden our community long term and cause the county to mire in its own self-made mediocrity.

Dr. Mathews has the enthusiasm, desire and will to affect positive change with the Newton County School System and we look forward to the new open approach and positive changes that he brings to the position.