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A changed outlook
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We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving yesterday, and you took the time to remember and celebrate the good things that have affected your life.

This year, Thanksgiving fell on Nov. 22, a day that will forever stay in the hearts of the Baby Boomer generation. For it was this day, 49 years ago, that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

A day an optimistic nation suffered a loss and thus got on the road to cynicism.

After World War II, we went through a period of rebuilding. As we muddled along, enjoying a ‘Fathers Know Best' type of lifestyle, simple things like having Elvis Presley blue suede shoes was enough for many to say that we were all heading for to eternal damnation and ruin as a nation.

Kennedy's election in 1960 and his family's idyllic occupation of the White House brought about an idealistic dream filled with Camelot hopes and promises for tomorrow for the country.

A single shot, they say, changed that perception overnight.

In his death, JFK became bigger than he was. As we now know, he was just a common man with flaws, as all leaders of any renown have had throughout time.

This change of outlook by a nation, of then young people, did have a positive aspect to it.

Once Vice President Lyndon Johnson became president, the true beginning of Civil Right began for all.

We are not so sure that would have begun to happen then if there had not been a Nov. 22, 1963.