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No Compassion
Letter to the editor
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Dear Editor: Certainly no compassion here. If left up to the citizens there would be no condemnation of the Denby home until all the permits were issued to build the project. And after 10-plus years the "urgency" of this condemnation is about as lame an excuse as any kindergarten kid could come up with.

  The county brought me into court on Christmas Eve once in an attempt to spoil my holidays, and if I remember correctly, the county court house was closed. I didn’t mind. I expected it. It was an issue of Hay vs. Newton.

 This is just another in a long list of dastardly actions to punish a citizen who objects to the king’s court. Many have occurred in the past. One long-term tax office employee questioned the procedures and brought proof to the proper authorities and she was fired. After bringing a case against the county, at middle age, she had a stroke and died.

 Truth is the Bear Creek Reservoir will never be built. At a cost of at least $300 million dollars it can not produce enough water to pay back the debt. The Bear Creek goes completely dry in summers when the water is needed the most and all the data and calculations from engineers who specialize in this field prove that even attempting to add more water by pumping the Alcovy will only yield a 1,200 acre mud puddle.

 This scam has been perpetrated on the citizens of Newton for over 12 years now as a gravy train for those who stand to make money on the project. Nothing more.

 This Denby incident is just another example of the heartless power brokers paid for with your tax money to ‘punish’ Mr. Denby, his wife and his two children during the holidays.

 As far as the attorneys for Newton County having no comment, the law clearly states there is no attorney/client privilege between a political subdivision and their attorneys and all should be open for inspection and qualification by those keepers of your records.

 I do not have permission to disclose any of this, but for the sake of the people of Newton County to understand how you will be treated by your commissioners and their hired guns, you need to know and I apologize in advance to the Denby family for my words here.

 The gentleman who is in the sights of Newton’s attorneys, and he is a gentleman, and his wife who is going through chemotherapy and his two young children...Have a Merry Christmas from the citizens of Newton County, Georgia.


Samuel M. Hay