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Not inhumane
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Dear Editor: After reading Linda Cooper’s letter about finding puppies and not receiving any help from the Humane Society I had to think for a minute.

The Newton County Humane Society does not take animals from the experiences I have had with them. Our Newton County Animal Control does accept animals and has a facility in which you may take them to.

One of Ms. Cooper’s problems was that there was a fee involved if they took the pups. Everyday, probably several times a day, residents want to drop puppies off at Newton County Animal Control. These people return again and again with litter after litter. What they should be doing is getting their female spayed so that there are no more unwanted litters, yet they keep letting their dog get pregnant and keep bringing in more unwanted pups. It is a vicious cycle and to deter this problem, the shelter has more than likely started charging to turn in unwanted litters. They have no way of knowing that you are one of the good guys and really did find these pups (people use that excuse all the time). I hope Ms. Cooper will try to understand the situation as a whole and not write off our Animal Control.

I speak from experience, The Newton County Animal Control are one of the most dedicated, trustworthy and dependable groups I’ve ever known. I probably call them at least once every two weeks about an animal in a bad situation. Most of the time, the problem is resolved by the next day.

Ms. Cooper, please give the Newton County Animal Control another chance if the situation arises. Keep in mind, the Humane Society and Newton County Animal Control, (770) 786-9514, are totally separate entities. Newton County Animal Control officers are very easy to work with and the  animal is their No. 1 priority.


Karen Key, Monticello