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HICE: Honoring our nation’s heroes
Hice Trump
Pictured are Congressman Jody Hice, veteran Louis Graziano and former President Donald Trump. - photo by Special Photo

All throughout our nation’s history, our veterans have answered the call to faithfully serve our country. We all owe a deep debt of never-ending gratitude to those who have risked everything for us, for our freedoms, for our way of life, and for our republic. Because of their bravery, our Stars and Stripes have been flying high for almost two and a half centuries.

Each year, Veterans Day serves as a reminder to pause, reflect, and thank a veteran for their courageous service to our great nation. Our freedoms and values are defended at a steep price. So, I call on you to thank our veterans for their service. 

While we can never fully repay our veterans for putting their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, we are forever indebted to them.

Here in Georgia’s 10th District, we are blessed to have thousands of veterans who selflessly answered the call to serve. It has been humbling to get to know many of them over the years, and let me tell you, they exemplify bravery and courage like no other.

Among our 10th District heroes, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Louis Graziano, a World War II veteran from Thomson, Georgia. Graziano joined the Army at age 20, landed with the third wave on D-Day on Omaha Beach, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and is the last survivor to witness the German surrender at the Little Red Schoolhouse. His story is truly an incredible one, and in September, my staff and I were able to set up a long-awaited meeting with President Donald Trump.

To Mr. Graziano and all our courageous veterans, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of our grateful nation, thank you for your dedicated service to our country. 

Please know, if you are a veteran who is ever having trouble with the VA, my office is here to help. Please call my district office in Monroe at (770) 207-1776 or Greensboro at (762) 445-1776 for assistance.

May God bless each and every one of our veterans, and may God continue to bless the United States of America! 

U.S. Rep. Jody Hice, R-Greensboro, represents Georgia’s 10th Congressional District.